Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Late Easter & Four Year Anniversary


Hey everyone!

Yesterday was Easter, which is the day that Jesus resurrected!! ^^ I hope everyone had fun with their family and loved ones. :D I was stuck at home trying to get some homework done. : /

Anyway, today  is my four year anniversary with my boyfriend! I love him so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mighty Harajuku Project, by 6% Doki Doki

Last weekend I went with Mochichan to the" Mighty Harajuku Project", by 6% Doki Doki event. Surprisingly there weren't alot of people there when we got to event.  Well, that probably because we got there at 11AM. LoLz. Mochichan and  I was so excited to meet the shop girls again!!  They are so cute and sweet. X3 I was too scared to speak Japanese to them because I don't think they would understand me. None the less I had a blast. Afterwards, we walked around the area where the place had held a farmers market and swap meet. We were looking for drinks, but all we found were fruits and vegetables. To my surprise,  there were quite a few people who were intrigued by lolita and  asked us many question about the fashion. Plus, many asked  us to take pictures with them. haha.^^ 

Anyways on to the pictures! ^0^

Yuka looking adorable, while Vani is rolling our posters. <3

6%Doki Doki goods! There were so much cute stuff that I was overwhelmed.

Mochichan took this picture while I was purchasing my stuff. XD


They signed our posters! *0*

Me and Mochichan <3

Me again with my wig that I finally got a chance to wear. lolz

My mismatched tea parties! >_<

I love this shot that Mochichan took! <3

My old 6% dokidoki ring.

Mochichan is such a cutie pie.

Look at all her cute accessories!

Mochichan and the shop girls! 

I had so much fun that day!

I'm  so thankful that my boyfriend is such a sweetie! He drive us to this event in the blistering hot weather. I also had a blast with Mochichan, she's such a sweetie, and seeing some of my other friends who showed up a little latter. 

Thank you for reading! :3


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cute Nostalgia

Have you ever tried to leave certain lolita style, but ended up missing it?

No matter how hard I try to steer away from sweet lolita,  I still love it. The pastels remind me of my childhood tv shows and things I liked and still do. For example: Sailor moon, Care Bears, Sanrio, Barbie, and anything that is colorful and pink. XD Plus, my friend Mochichan got me all into it again. She was showing me her closet and her room, and I was drooling all over the place. *Q*  If you see her room it's like *RAINBOW VOMIT.* I think sweet lolita is meant to be worn in a group of two or more. It's just so boring to wear it all by oneself. Now, that there is someone near me who is super addicted to cuteness, and I can twin with her. It's not like I'm afraid of wearing it alone because I have done it before. The problem is that it gets really boring really fast.

As I have said in my previous post; I have always wanted to decorate my room to look like an AP store. It would be so magical if  I ever have a room that looks like that. I have to a few girls who have already decorated their rooms to be very pastel and dreamy.

With all that being said, this doesn't mean I'm not going to wear classic lolita or gothic lolita any more. I just like variety because it gets boring if one does the same thing over and over again. I'm just a little more addicted to sweet. 

In addition, I'm going to share a booth with my friend Mochichan at Anime Expo 2011. We are going to sell a bunch of cute lolita accessories!! Stay tone for more things to come.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Downtown Disney

Not too long ago, I meet- up with two sweet lolitas Claudia, and Rae. My boyfriend and Claudia's cute baby boy were there as well. We met up to have some lunch at the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. From there we were browsing around in different stores. We had a great time eating and chatting. The down side was that it was scorching hot. I think we were going to melt in that weather.

It was really nice because it is good to meet up from time to time because not everyone can make it to huge meet- ups.

Anyways, here are some pictures:
This is me at Claudia's house.
jsk: ETC
wrist cuffs: AP
shoes: SS
Everything else is offbrand

My boyfriend also went with us. He is playing with Claudia's little boy. <3

My boyfriend  is such a sweetie for taking care of Claudia's baby! <33 Aren't they adorable?

The adorable Claudia and her baby playing with legos. ^^

The beautiful Rae and her Minnie Mouse inspired coordinate.

There were no pictures of food or the shops at Downtown Disney because I was too hungry and tired by the end of the day. None the less, I had so much fun!
I hope that there will be more lolita meet- ups soon! 

Thank you for reading!! <3