Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kawaii Carnival and Collab with Kawaii Goods



I just started  my online shop after six months or so of contemplating. lolz. I am really excited! I have always wanted to own my own shop for a very long time and it's finally in the process. Plus, I really enjoy crafting and creating new accessories. I have to admit that opening a shop is alot of work, but it really paid off.

Here are my pages:
Etsy page:

Anyways here are some of the stuff I make:
"Wish Upon a Star" 2 way clip

"Starry Sky" with HK bow clip

*Sneak Peek.*
This is what Kawaii Carnival and Kawaii Goods are collaborating on.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canon Camera and Rilakkuma Get



I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week. ^^ Yesterday, I got my Canon 12.1 mega pixel camera in the mail. I have been needing a compact camera for a while and I have been putting it off because I thought my SLR would be efficient,which it is, but I cannot carry that thing around with me everywhere. It is to heavy and on top of that I take to carry a 3 to 5 pound purse with me, daily. I just think I have to be prepare wherever I go. Plus, it is really inconveinet at a lolita meet-up.

I really love my new camera, it takes fantastic picture as we can see below. My boryfriend took me to the Rilakkuma store near his house to get me a camera case. While it's rare for me to get one thing of Rilakkuma. I also go this cute key chain with Rilakkuma on a stack of pancakes. lolz. It really reminds me of my boyfriend because he really likes my pancakes. lolz. XD

Anyways here are some snap shot pictures that my boyfriend took of me at the store. <3

I love the new bag that they have at the store. <3

All the goodies! *__*

I love the camera bag, it really looks like a retro camera. ^^

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*Look at the cute kitty. I want one so bad.*