Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mighty Harajuku Project, by 6% Doki Doki

Last weekend I went with Mochichan to the" Mighty Harajuku Project", by 6% Doki Doki event. Surprisingly there weren't alot of people there when we got to event.  Well, that probably because we got there at 11AM. LoLz. Mochichan and  I was so excited to meet the shop girls again!!  They are so cute and sweet. X3 I was too scared to speak Japanese to them because I don't think they would understand me. None the less I had a blast. Afterwards, we walked around the area where the place had held a farmers market and swap meet. We were looking for drinks, but all we found were fruits and vegetables. To my surprise,  there were quite a few people who were intrigued by lolita and  asked us many question about the fashion. Plus, many asked  us to take pictures with them. haha.^^ 

Anyways on to the pictures! ^0^

Yuka looking adorable, while Vani is rolling our posters. <3

6%Doki Doki goods! There were so much cute stuff that I was overwhelmed.

Mochichan took this picture while I was purchasing my stuff. XD


They signed our posters! *0*

Me and Mochichan <3

Me again with my wig that I finally got a chance to wear. lolz

My mismatched tea parties! >_<

I love this shot that Mochichan took! <3

My old 6% dokidoki ring.

Mochichan is such a cutie pie.

Look at all her cute accessories!

Mochichan and the shop girls! 

I had so much fun that day!

I'm  so thankful that my boyfriend is such a sweetie! He drive us to this event in the blistering hot weather. I also had a blast with Mochichan, she's such a sweetie, and seeing some of my other friends who showed up a little latter. 

Thank you for reading! :3



  1. You two looked so cute! and that wig really suits you!

    Side notescripts wise: as cute as the icon rain is, it really lags your content. o no might wanna consider making a sparkly cursor instead or soemthing.

  2. Thank you so much! <3

    Thank you for the input. I think I'm little too obsessed with anything that is cute. ^^;;

  3. awww. I had a blast too. U_U too bad the weather was too hot. OMG! I just couldn't believe how many people stop us.

  4. Your outfit is so adorable. That's so cute that you twinned with Claudia <3

  5. @ mochichan: :3 Me too!! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. x3

    @oli: Thank you! <3 I'm sad that I couldn't see you there. :( You look adorable in your gyaru/classic look. :3

  6. the event looked really fun! i wish i could go ; o ; you two look fantastic & I loooove your coordinate, so pastel and happy *w*

  7. So much colours! You look adorable :)