Monday, May 30, 2011

Lolita Inspirations/Origins
Hi Everyone!

Have you ever had some body or some thing that inspired you? I was looking back in how I got into lolita, and how I came to love this fashion so much.

I think  my inspiration went as far back as when I was probably five years old. I have always been intrigued with pretty frilly things. I really loved the dresses that princesses would wear, even though I had no interest in wanting to become a princess myself. If I had to pick something out from my childhood inspiration it would be; Barbie and Care Bears  which has played a big factor in my obsession with Over the top (OTT) lolita style.Barbie always wore the best dress and she was always wearing my favorite color, pink.

During my rebellious years dressing as a goth in  high school is when I found out about the famous Mana from "Malice Mizer" or his current band "Moi dix Moite." I honestly thought he was a girl, until one day one of my friends told me he is a guy. I have to admit I was shocked to death because he makes such a pretty girl. Anyways, when I found out about him is when I really got into lolita. I tried to find some authentic lolita dresses, but at the time it was really hard to obtain because one, lolita wasn't that popular in the US and two, I didn't know where to get actual lolita items. lolz. So, I guess you can say that I started off as an ita. haha *We all had to start some where."

When I got into college I met girls who really knew about the fashion and where to get them. I met a girl by the name of  Anya, who told me all about Angelic Pretty (AP). This brought back my love for super cute and colorful thing. *__* We all know where Angelic Pretty is made out of, which is pastel vomit with tons of sugar rush. What really got me into wear actual lolita, instead of being an ita is; the previous model for AP, Amo. I know she has a full team of crazy make-up artist and photographers that make her look fabulous.Regardless, she is still adorable.

Now, I am inspired by alot of people and things. I really enjoy lolita fashion so much. Through out the years, lolita has expanded to a broader spectrum making it very versatile. These are the people and things that inspired me in this fashion.

I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Updates on the NEW Angelic Pretty Prints!


Hey everyone!
Last night the new Angelic Pretty Summer 2011 catalog was released!! The new Toy Parade print is called "Toy Fantasy." This dress is a must for me!!! I never got Toy Parade, so this is a good substitute. Plus, AP also released a salopette version with a bunny hoodie!! How cute is that? I want that too! To be honest I love everything from this series!

Salopette love. <3 Can you resist the bunny hoodie? 

Wow, look at the umbrella and accessories!*Q* I am drooling all over the place.

This print is called "Dream Sky," it clearly looks like the casual version of "Milky Planet." This is great for casual wear on a hot summer day. *W*

Everything about this series is just dreamy!

Thanks for reading! <3


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NEW Angelic Pretty Print~

Angelic Pretty Shooting Star print

OMGosh!! This print is sooo cute by AP!!! Look at the shooting stars, rainbows, and moons. This really reminds me of milky planet, but the good thing is that it can be worn more causally and it's can be versatile too.  I  really want to get it in sax or black. What do you guys think? Do you like it or not?

*Edit:* Mochichan is right! This dress has a fairy kei feel to it which makes me love it more. Now, I can wear pastels without going over the top. lolz.

This is the one piece version.

This the jsk version.

*Edit:* Angelic Pretty has already release on their website that they are going to release different version of
"Toy Parade."  *Q*

Thank you for reading! <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fairy Tale meet-up in June

There is going to be an awesome meet-up hosted my Oli and Mandie, which I'm really excited about.  They are going to post more info this Friday. *squeal.* The theme is "fairy tale," which is something that I am interested in. I'm not sure what I want to dress up as, but these are some of the fairy tales that I might do:

Sleeping Beauty

Draucula: Something gothic that is sort of related to vampires.
Phantom of the Opera: Again, something like the main heroin in the story.

GAHH, I have a hard time choosing. Help me decide, please.
To any who is going: Which fairy tale are you going to dress as?