Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kawaii Carnival and Collab with Kawaii Goods



I just started  my online shop after six months or so of contemplating. lolz. I am really excited! I have always wanted to own my own shop for a very long time and it's finally in the process. Plus, I really enjoy crafting and creating new accessories. I have to admit that opening a shop is alot of work, but it really paid off.

Here are my pages:
Etsy page:

Anyways here are some of the stuff I make:
"Wish Upon a Star" 2 way clip

"Starry Sky" with HK bow clip

*Sneak Peek.*
This is what Kawaii Carnival and Kawaii Goods are collaborating on.

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Wow! Congrats on your shop! I know how hard it can be to set it up and run it. I have a shop too, which is on vacation at the moment, while I craft more things for it.

    Best of luck with your shop! I hope it's very successful! ^__^

  2. I'm excited for you. ^W^/ *W*/ I love you fuzzy two way clip. You made it unique. MAKE MORE!

  3. very cute pieces:D I wish I could buy some :P

  4. congratulation your shop is magical
    I love bow <3

  5. @Namie:Thank you so much!! :DD Yes, it is hard. I've been putting alot of work into it. Plus, I'm stress about it. XD

    Oh, I would love to see your shop. ^__^

    @Mochican: Thank you so much for helping me!! You are wayy to sweet! >_< I will do my best to make more cute things!

    @Churi Chan: Thank you! <3

    @Fairy Carousel: Thank you! <3

  6. I love all of your items! I can't wait to see them in Amber and Topaz!

  7. AHHH, I can't wait to see you shop!! *__*