Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's day, lolita meet- up, long past...

HuMmmm, I didn't do much on Valnetine's day because my bf and I were stuck at school, slaving away. *cries* The upside of that say was that my bf did take me out to dinner though, and he gave me a card. <3  He made me feel really special. He is such a sweetheart! X3
Not too long ago, there was also a Valentine's meet up on Feb. 20, which I missed. I was sad, but last Friday someone who went to the meet- up gave me a V- day's card from Sara, even though I wasn't there. ;__; Thank you, Sara!! I am so happy to have her as a friend. I even put near Dale, one of my favorite plushies given to me by my bf. :3

Have you ever had a friend or someone special do something nice for you? I would like to hear about it, if you are comfortable sharing. It's always nice to hear about good things. 
Have a wonderful day! :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

OphanimGothique Bonnet Review

Back in late November, early December I commissioned a bonnet from OphanimGothique. I wanted it to match my IW Lauretta Rose jsk. 

I received my bonnet in late or mid January. It took a while because she was busy during Christmas. None the less I was really excited! 

 She included her business cards, a cute note and a little gift. ^^

 I took a while to unwrap it because I wanted to be careful .

 AHHHH, it's absolutely beautiful!! Check out the details of her work.

Break down:
Price: OphanimGothique bonnets  ranges from around $80 to almost $100. It just depends on whether you want a full bonnet or a  half bonnet (like mine), and how much decoration you want on it.

Communication 5/5: Every time I messaged her, she responded quickly and efficiently. She has always updated me with pictures of what she has done.

Payment 5/5: I put a $35 dollar down payment, and I paid her the rest she was finished with the bonnet.

Shipping 5/5: The bonnet was well packaged in a priority box. There were tons of support, so there will be minimal to no damage .

Overall Experience: This bonnet was really well made. I love the fact that she added more roses when I asked her to. The only down side was that I wish she could have finished it sooner, but then again I asked during one of the most busiest time of the year. ^^;; Also the ecur is lighter than my dress, but I was able to match it perfectly with another dress that I have. Regardless, I would still rate her as a 5/5. She was very easy to work with and she tries to accommodate to your design and preference.