Saturday, February 26, 2011

OphanimGothique Bonnet Review

Back in late November, early December I commissioned a bonnet from OphanimGothique. I wanted it to match my IW Lauretta Rose jsk. 

I received my bonnet in late or mid January. It took a while because she was busy during Christmas. None the less I was really excited! 

 She included her business cards, a cute note and a little gift. ^^

 I took a while to unwrap it because I wanted to be careful .

 AHHHH, it's absolutely beautiful!! Check out the details of her work.

Break down:
Price: OphanimGothique bonnets  ranges from around $80 to almost $100. It just depends on whether you want a full bonnet or a  half bonnet (like mine), and how much decoration you want on it.

Communication 5/5: Every time I messaged her, she responded quickly and efficiently. She has always updated me with pictures of what she has done.

Payment 5/5: I put a $35 dollar down payment, and I paid her the rest she was finished with the bonnet.

Shipping 5/5: The bonnet was well packaged in a priority box. There were tons of support, so there will be minimal to no damage .

Overall Experience: This bonnet was really well made. I love the fact that she added more roses when I asked her to. The only down side was that I wish she could have finished it sooner, but then again I asked during one of the most busiest time of the year. ^^;; Also the ecur is lighter than my dress, but I was able to match it perfectly with another dress that I have. Regardless, I would still rate her as a 5/5. She was very easy to work with and she tries to accommodate to your design and preference.


  1. o_o I didn't know you had a blog, Judy!

    Also, yeah. Caro is a bit slow with the bonnet making but it's sooooo worth it when you get it. *__* Mine turned out so lovely!

    Yours just looks amazing. It matches Lauretta so perfectly! <3 <3 <3 You're gonna look so cute in it! X3

  2. ^0^ I made one a while back. I have to admit that it's kind of addicting. lolz.

    You are sooo right! I think I saw your bonnet too. It's so beautiful. It matches with your swan lake perfectly. I love that fact that it has two doves on it. :DDD

    Thank you! <333 I hope I can make it look good. XD

  3. Ahhh, this looks amazing!!! :3 I can't wait to see you coord it! <3

  4. that is a super cute bonnet. >_<

  5. I love Ophanim, and this bonnet is just as beautiful as her other pieces! I'm so jealous~