Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coordinate for Lolita meet- up at Griffith Park

Argguu, I've been stuck at school for winter session. I'm just trying to do what many college students would do; finish school ASAP. The amount of homework is a pain. You would think the professor would cut you some slack. Nope, I'm just dreaming.

Anyway, I'm getting really excited because there is going to be a huge lolita meet-up on January 22,2011 at Griffith Park. It's only six days away!! ^^ So, I decided to put a coordinate together before it starts. I know if I don't start ahead, it will take me two or more hours to just get ready because I could never decide what I really want to wear. Well, it takes me a full hour in order to just get dressed and put make up on. *cries* Anyway here is my Mori Girl/ Dolly Kei inspired coordinate. I thought it would fit the occasion since the place look like forest. ^^

jsk: Lief (I just love this dress, it's so pretty! <3)
cardigan: offbrand (You can not believe how thick this cardi is. *__*)
Bonnet: AATP
Headband: Offbrand

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