Monday, May 2, 2011

Fairy Tale meet-up in June

There is going to be an awesome meet-up hosted my Oli and Mandie, which I'm really excited about.  They are going to post more info this Friday. *squeal.* The theme is "fairy tale," which is something that I am interested in. I'm not sure what I want to dress up as, but these are some of the fairy tales that I might do:

Sleeping Beauty

Draucula: Something gothic that is sort of related to vampires.
Phantom of the Opera: Again, something like the main heroin in the story.

GAHH, I have a hard time choosing. Help me decide, please.
To any who is going: Which fairy tale are you going to dress as?


  1. I'm going of course XD
    I'm going to be a Unicorn LOL. It's so random but i'm sure there is a random fairytale with a unicorn in it XD

  2. I can't wait to see everyone!!
    You are going to look adorable. <3
    The Last Unicorn is a fairy tale. :)

  3. Little Mermaid was first but now it's moving over to Beauty and the Beast ^^