Saturday, May 14, 2011

Updates on the NEW Angelic Pretty Prints!


Hey everyone!
Last night the new Angelic Pretty Summer 2011 catalog was released!! The new Toy Parade print is called "Toy Fantasy." This dress is a must for me!!! I never got Toy Parade, so this is a good substitute. Plus, AP also released a salopette version with a bunny hoodie!! How cute is that? I want that too! To be honest I love everything from this series!

Salopette love. <3 Can you resist the bunny hoodie? 

Wow, look at the umbrella and accessories!*Q* I am drooling all over the place.

This print is called "Dream Sky," it clearly looks like the casual version of "Milky Planet." This is great for casual wear on a hot summer day. *W*

Everything about this series is just dreamy!

Thanks for reading! <3



  1. Yes, hun it looks really dreamy. *W*/ so cute too! OH GOD... drooling over those print already.

  2. I really like the dream sky op!!! I really want one!!! need to get a job and save up =)

  3. ohh and your blog is very cute Judy!!! =) Hope to see you at the meetup if I can make ^_^

  4. Thank you, Judy!!! You're so sweet!!!

    Are you going to AX thus year? (I always forget who I ask, lol).

  5. Sorry guys for the late reply. ;_;

    @ Mochichan: Indeed, these prints are pure love. *0*
    @ Tea Photography: I want to save up and buy the dress too, but I am too broke. T__T Thank you so much! I love your blog too. It's very elegant I want to see you too.

    @ Ruroniinugirl: You are always sweet. <3
    Yes, I am going to AX this year.