Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ramen date!

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted. I  have been very busy with school, and have no time to do much. It's project after project. I just hope the semester will end soon so I can get a break.
Anyway, my bf and I went on a small date to have some awesome ramen at sawtelle on 3/18/11. He was such a sweetie for recommending. <3 I would highly recomend that place. It's soOOO good. It's a nice break from the everyday grind.

I'm contemplating how good this ramen will be. lolz.

My sweetie is absolutely adorable!! <3 He loves ramen and could wait to just dig in.

This is the chicken with vegatable and miso soup ramen that I ordered. Most ramen places don't serve it with chicken so I was really surprised. Not too mention, it was delicious.

This is what my bf ordered. It's pork, vegetables, and miso soup ramen. I forgot the name of this, but he told me it was really good. ^^

This is fried potstickers. MmmMmMm, these were a good touch with the ramen we ordered.

Rating: 4.5/5

seating 3.5/5: The place is really small so if it's packed, like in lunch or dinner,you will have to wait outside. If you are starving, this could be a huge issue. As long as you don't come during rush hours, you're golden.

service 5/5: The service is fantastic! The two ladies who served at the restaurant are very sweet and thoughtful because if you run out of water, they will come promptly to pour you some. The food comes in a timely manner, like around 15 to 30 minutes depending the amount of guests that are there, and how much you order.

Taste 5/5: It's really good. You can just tell from the pictures! lolz

Overall, I really enjoyed my day, and I just wish I had more time to do things like this. I hope all of you are doing well.
Thank you for reading. 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is Near...

  I went to Forever 21, last week to do some Spring shopping because I was in need of regular day wear.Outside of Lolita and J-fashion, I could look really mundane. I was running out of tops to wear as well.
:( There are tons of floral items at Forever, and tons of Mori Girl inspired stuff. I went a little crazy because I am addicted to florals and tights. They didn't have any tights this time I went, but I manage to snag alot of neat items. Plus, I went to H&M and got a bracelet and scarf.

        Something interesting happened when I was there that day. I was in the dressing room trying on the tops to show my bf if he liked it or not, and as soon as I was done. There was a girl trying on this really cute jean dress with white polka dots and I complemented her. I told her that it looked adorable on her. Then I went on my way. To my surprise she looked for me and told me where she got the dress and gave me a hug. She also gave me a complement of what I was wearing that day. I thought it was very sweet. It's not everyday, you meet a random stranger who talks to you as if you were there good friend. I think it's nice to give someone a complement, it can brighten someones day. 

Anyway, here what I got:

Here is a close up of the accessories and shoes:

I also set up some coordinates.

If you are interested in these kind of styles, I would suggest that you go to Forever 21. They seem to run of the items I want if I procrastinate even just one day. *sigh* I am not kidding when I say," Shopping is a war zone at times." LoLz.

Thank you for reading! :3

Devasating Earthquake and Tsunami Hits Japan

Hi Everyone,

This week has been a heck tick and tragic. As you all know the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, which has left them with thousands dead or missing. Plus, there has just been a nuclear explosion in Iwaki, Japan. I just pray that everyone is alright, and that the missing people will be found, and I pray that God will show them mercy. ;__;

(on the left shows the disaster in Japan. Source: taken off of Yahoo!)

Here are just some links to read for anyone that is interested:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Sweet to Classic or Gothic

Looking back, I have always been into sweet lolita, but during the fall of 2010 I started to be more interested in more muted color and dresses that I can wear out more. Don't get me wrong, I still really love sweet. I even want to decorate more room to look more like an Angelic Pretty store. It's just that I want to be able to wear out my lolita dress without blinding people with pastels.

I also know that many lolita are struggling with the issue of transgression from sweet to classic or gothic. Most lolita's think that they are too old for sweet and the like. As for me, I just want to try something new and see if it suits me. Too much of anything can be sickening. So why not try something new. It doesn't mean you have to quit an entire style all together.

Here are some pictures of me in sweet and classic:
Danielle and I
AX 2010. Picture taken by my boyfriend.

Me and Chelsea.
AX 2010. Taken by a lolita (forgot her name)

Thritft store in O.C. Photo taken by my boyfriend.

Meet up at Caitlin's place. Photo taken by my boyfriend

Me and my sweetie
 Paris in a Cup Photo taken by Tara

Park meet-up. Taken by Frances

For now, I'm just experimenting with my outfits.

Thanks for reading!